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Take my Psychological Test

My new book “How to Hit 70 Doing 100” has several psychology tests just to see how ready you are to hit 70 at high speeds. Here’s another one. Keep track of your answers as you go along. Hit It!

1.  Is your ideal home in the country or the city?
2.  If it is in the city, is it on a street of wall-to-wall houses

      or are they separated by lawns?
3.  If your dial home is in the countryside, can it be seen from

      the road and is easily approached?

4.  Is it hidden behind trees and difficult to see from the road

      and somewhat difficult to approach?
5.   For all houses, is their a garage as part of the house or not?
6.   Is there a connection door from the garage to the house?
7.   As you enter the house is there a front hall?
8.   Is there a table in this hall?
9.   Is there a receptacle of some kind on the table? A dish, a bowl?
10. If you drop your keys in this receptacle, how much of a noise

       do they make? A lot or a little?



Your choice of home indicates how open you are to new people and ne experiences. City dwellers are the most open, those in row houses the most open of all. Those hidden far away in the country are the least receptive to others and the new.



The garage also indicates how much you will allow others in your life. The door from the garage to the house is important. Without it you really don’t want to be known.



The front hall is all about sex. Those who are open to sex will have a table and a receptacle. The bigger and more metallic the receptacle the more you like sex. The clang of the keys is your orgasm. No clang? You figure it out.

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