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David Leddick on Stage

David Leddick appears regularly in South Florida theater venues. His most recent theater venture has been "RENT BOY... The Musical" at the Richmond Shepard Theatre in New York City,  which he wrote and starred in with music by Andrew Sargent.

RENT BOY... The Musical
by David Leddick & Andrew Sargent


This musical show reveals the stories of male escorts in words, song, dance, and in the flesh. Here are the musical advertisements that these men place. Interviews where the show-goer can find out who they are, where they come from and what they think about their lives.


Here they are as they really are; the mysterious men behind Rent Boy the Musical.​

Wishing You a Very Gilda Christmas
by David Leddick


Gilda just couldn't stay away any longer. She's back for Christmas with new holiday songs, and some new dresses (Thank God!). She'll tell you all about her years in Hollywood, on Broadway, on television. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you won't believe a word of it!

How to Be Gay In the 21st Century
by David Leddick


How to Be Gay in the 21st Century is a humorist review of major gay changes in the 21st century.

Mr. Charles by Paul Rudnick
Mexico City by David Leddick


Funny and sad, sexy and sinister the two plays promise an exhilarating emotional experience for the audience.  With plays ricocheting between Palm Beach and Mexico City, this is a completely new adventure for theatergoers. 

ESCORTS, the Docu-Musical
by David Leddick & Andrew Sargent


David Leddick is writting a book about male escorts. He wants 40 interviews and has only 39. Pursuing the 40th escort reveals many fascinating and sexy histories; many songs... amusing, rowdy, touching. And finally... the 4oth Escort is found.. and finds love!

Some Men
by Terrence McNally


Terrence McNally's fascinating play about the lives of many different gay men. David Leddick got great reviews for his singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." He wore red feathers and touched the audience's heart.

The 11 O'Clock Number!


A funny new musical about working with the great star of musical comdey, Ethel Merman. David Leddick was one of the leads. A fun, funny romp.

Quentin & I, the Mini-Musical
by David Leddick


David Leddick reminisces in song about his friendship with Quentin Crisp, the gay English eccentric. Playing himself and Mr. Crisp, he recalls all the high points of the Englishman’s brave, witty and wonderful life.

Presenting Gilda Lilly
by David Leddick


Here she is, a Hollywood star who has seen it all, from competing with Shirley Temple to scorning Betty Grable. She delivers her history in song, from “Get Under a Big Producer” to “Glamour’s Not Gone.”

Secrets of the Chorus


The backstage back-stabbing musical. Davita Grey is trying to revive her Hollywood career with a theater tour. The chorus is six drag-queens. One of them is killed by a falling sandbag wearing Davita’s costume. The thrills and chills go on from there!

Life's a Drag


A funny movie by Andrew Delaplaine starring David Leddick and others. There's a battle for drag show real estate space requiring David Leddick to appear as six different characters. From Anna Held to Edith Piaf.

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