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David Leddick is a writer, playwright, actor, and contributor to the Huffington Post. His previous careers have included service in the U.S. Navy, dancing with the Metropolitan Opera in New York, and working as creative director with the advertising clients Revlon and L'Oreal in New York and Paris. He began his writing career at the age of sixty-five, and he is the author of twenty-eight books, including the novels My Worst Date and The Sex Squad, as well as many photography and art books about the male nude.


To purchase any of David Leddick's books please go to your local bookstore,, or your favorite online book seller.


1997 LAMBDA LITERARY AWARD  Photography/Visual Arts 
Naked Men: Pioneering Male Nudes 1935-1955 
by David Leddick (Universe)


1998 LAMBDA LITERARY AWARD Photography/Visual Arts
The Male Nude by David Leddick (Taschen)
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